If you have been burned in the Real Estate Business, then this song is for YOU!

This song by Tchiya Amet: "Tenant Burn" is based upon actual experiences since inheriting this property. MIght help you to know that you are not the only one with Tenant Burn! 

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My Grandparents purchased this building two years before I was born, around 1958. I lived here until I was 7 years old. 


When I was born, this is where I came home to. My Daughter Via Rosa moved here in Spring 2010, to take care of my Mother, her Grandmother, until her death in November 2010. This is when I inherited the property. Since then, we have been dealing wth rotten tenants, coniving property managers, building code violations, unjust taxation, and scamming contractors, lawyers, and the carniverous court. And recently, THE ROOF WAS "SHIFTED" BY THE WIND AND THE ENTIRE BUILDING FLOODED. You can read the entire story at our gofundme page: #saveviashome

TENANT BURN: is my musical attempt to release some of the frustrations caused by owning rental property.

Perhaps you can relate! 

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